Dear Reader,

What the Health is Syracuse University’s premier student-run health and wellness magazine. Each semester we deliver the latest buzz on fitness, nutrition, disease, and mental health to keep SU students in top shape and be the best versions of themselves. Our mission is to keep our readers up-to-date on the latest health news relevant to college students by publishing once a semester and maintaining an active daily blog.

We operate with a team of writers, editors, fact-checkers, copy editors, bloggers, graphic designers, photographers, directors, and publicists—a collaboration of more than 70 students total. In that respect, the magazine benefits more than its just its audience. Working for What the Health provides real-world experience for students of all ages, majors and interests.

Our insistence on professionalism sets What the Health apart from other campus magazines. The magazine operates on a set of writing and research guidelines, much like a publication you’ll find on newsstands. Weekly meetings facilitate discussions between writers and editors regarding story revisions, and each story undergoes at least three drafts before publication. Once submitted, articles are rigorously fact-checked and copy-edited to ensure the magazine is accurate. In the past year, our public relations department has expanded the brand’s recognition by increasing involvement with the campus community through a partnership with the local Lululemon Athletica store, hosting and organizing a free fitness series for students, and promoting healthy body images through a NEDA-inspired jean drive.

We hope you enjoy our product!


Paige Carlotti, Editor-In-Chief


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