"Love Your Body, Love Yourself"

It’s True!: Happiness IS Contagious!


The word “contagious” has a terribly tainted rap. Understandably so, considering many associate it with the flu and Zika. However,….n outbreak of happiness is far less likely to make us prisoners of our own bodies.

Scientific research suggests that somebody’s happiness is so contagious and will make you crave it (Jazze made it). Happiness can refer to a way of thinking, such as being optimistic, a feeling joy, pleasure, relief, or gratitude, or simply a way of being.

Professor Nicholas Christakis teaches medical sociology and medicine at Harvard Medical School. He researched the contagion of emotions within social networks (no, not on Facebook, groups of people). His studies suggest that “…having a happy friend who lives within a mile of you…appears to increase the probability that you will be happy as well”.

His findings support the common claim that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So, think of your social circle on campus, and ask yourself:

  • Do I have fun with these people?
  • Does being with them make me feel optimistic about life?
  • Do they laugh with me instead of at me?
  • Do I feel light and free or bogged down after being with them?

Rather than wondering how we can become happier, “we should be asking how we can increase happiness all around us. When you make positive changes in your own life, those effects ripple out from you and you can find yourself surrounded by the very thing you fostered”.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Optimist and WTH Blogger,

Mary Mik