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“An App A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”: 6 Health Apps To Keep You Fit!


Health apps are the latest craze, allowing users to record virtually every aspect of their daily lives.  They’re more convenient than keeping track of a Fit Bit or Nike watch, and they’re much easier on the bank account.  With winter quickly approaching, stay on track with these helpful and free health-conscious apps that can help you lose weight, count calories, or event monitor your sleep patterns!


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Fooducate is an app that tracks calories, offers recipes, and has an active online user community.  Enter the food you eat each day and it will generate a letter grade for the healthiness of each item as well as break down the percentage of carbs, fats, and proteins you’re consuming per day.  Though you do have to pay to unlock certain features of the app, the free version still allows you to log water intake, hunger level, weight, mood, and hours of sleep.  Fooducate is basically a mobile diary for all of your health-related needs and as an added plus, the app’s logo is a sporty orange-Go Cuse! *Available on Android and iOS*


Seasonal and Simple


Unsure how long asparagus will last in your fridge?  Don’t know the expiration date on the produce you just bought? Seasonal and Simple can tell you.  Ever wondered how to choose a perfectly ripe avocado? Seasonal and Simple is just the app for you. It boasts a variety of quick recipes, finds local organic and farmer’s markets near you, and shows which produce is currently in season. *Available on Android and iOS*



Map My Run


Map My Run does exactly as it sounds and more: it’ll map your run, walk, or hike as well as track calories burned and help you maintain pace.  There’s even a challenge
tab where you can set goals and earn awards based on the distance and speed you complete activities in. *Available on Android and iOS*


Blogilates App

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You may already be familiar with her upbeat Youtube workout videos, but now there’s an app to access all of Cassey Ho’s workout videos.  Besides fun workout plans like the “30 Days Flat Abs challenge,” you’ll get to map out your workouts an entire month in advance and receive support from the online forum. *Available on Android and iOS*


Spotify Running

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No longer will you have to slow down to get into the groove of the slower songs on your gym playlist: this app will keep your pace by coordinating each song’s beats per minute (BPM) with your running speed. Just select a certain genre or feeling (i.e. “GO!” or “Lock the Flow”) and your treadmill workout will go by in a flash.*Available on Android and iOS*




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Upstate New York has so much to offer, particularly when it comes to fall foliage and hiking trails.  Take advantage of Yonder to find the best places to get in a nature walk or run.  After you’re done, write a review of the hike  so other users can get that perfect photo-op, too. *Available on Android and iOS*


By: Helena Starrs