"Love Your Body, Love Yourself"

Why You Should be Your OWN Best Friend!

2015-12-28-1451345696-3530707-464e1e54d65ce275_10520150_920802287946427_620205038_n.xxxlarge.jpgUnless he suggests chillin’ by the fire while eating fondue, it’s unlikely Justin Bieber is the first person you think of when it comes to giving any legitimate advice. Surprisingly, however, the pop singer created a breakthrough ballad, “Love Yourself,” that provides some noteworthy guidance: “…if you like the way you look that much, then baby, you should go and love  yourself.”

Loving the way you look is a major part in constructing a powerful foundation for self-confidence. Here are some tips to become your absolute favorite person, your greatest cheerleader, and your best friend:

1.) Find more positive social media.

Do you gawk over Kylie’s lips, Casey Neistat’s lifestyle, or Michelle Phan’s makeup skills? Are you motivated by those you watch and follow, or do you find yourself envious and disheartened when you look at other girls on Instagram and compare yourself? If you chose the latter, clean out your social media. Turn your eyes from those who drain you to those who drive you to be the best possible version of yourself.

2.) Find your greatest qualities.

What about YOU makes YOU feel on top of the world? Jot down one physical and one personality characteristic you adore about yourself. Though you shouldn’t struggle to discover two remarkable traits about yourself, reach out to someone who knows you well if you do. Ask them to list and explain, in writing, one physical and one personality trait that makes you unique and incredible. Resist doubting their words! Put this paper where you look frequently (e.g. on your mirror, inside your laptop case) to remind yourself that you are worth it and truly one of a kind.

3.) Find what makes you feel alive.

Have you experienced someone who is both confident and sad at the same time? Nope! That’s because happiness and self-confidence are strongly related. Head to an a cappella show on campus, FaceTime a family member (and your dog) from home, or dance in your room before your roommates come back from class. They’ll never even know! Each day, engage in something that resonates with your soul. Write down what you did and how it made you feel. Reflect on these activities to bring you both gratitude and happiness and ultimately will help generate a stronger confidence and motivation to get out there and participate in the world with no fear!

By: Mary Mik