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Are Food Subscriptions the Solution College Students have been waiting for?

I speak for many college students when I say that eating healthy in college is hard. There are constant fatty temptations between the french fries in the dining hall, the stock of ramen noodles you keep under your bed, or the late night sliders in Kimmel.

Unfortunately, I’m a college senior so it’s pretty much too late to change my ways. However, for those of you that have extra time at Syracuse, there is a solution to this problem. Food box subscriptions have recently become more popular because they not only provide the healthy food that people are looking for, but they also provide convenience.

Interested? Here are some of the top ranked food box subscriptions:

  1. Healthy Surprise

This subscription box provides snacks that are all natural, gluten free, GMO free, soy free, corn free, and wheat free. There are various sizes of boxes that differ in price, but reviews have said that all of the boxes are great value. Customers who tend to like this box the most are those who avoid certain foods due to allergies or intolerances.

  1. Nature Box

The Nature Box provides convenient snack bags that lack artificial ingredients, trans fats, or high-fructose corn syrup. When choosing the box, the customer is able to customize it based off of dietary needs and desires. Reviews of this box have said that one of the best parts of this product is that it comes in convenient, re-sealable snack bags.

  1. Bestowed

The Bestowed subscription box not only provides healthy snacks and beverages, but also throws in lifestyle items such as lotions and lip balms. This product is interesting because customers get a wide range of items within the box, instead of only healthy snacks. Many people who have reviewed this box like the combination of the two types of products, and highly recommend!

  1. Blue Apron

Looking for fresh ingredients and recipes that can create whole meals? Perhaps ideal if you live on south or off campus, this service is more than just a snack box. Blue Apron provides weekly specialty ingredients and creative ways to cook them. Reviews of this subscription have claimed that Blue Apron was reliably delivered, affordable, and included recipes that were easy to follow.

  1. Plated

This subscription is another type of food delivery box that provides an entire meal with recipes. Reviewers of this box feel that Plated’s food quality is very high, but the recipes might be for someone who is more comfortable in the kitchen. So, if you’re looking for a challenge, this might be the box for you! Plated also allows you to choose the amount of meals you want for the week, providing flexibility for customers.

  1. HelloFresh

Like boxes four and five, HelloFresh has a similar meal concept. What seems to set HelloFresh apart is that it is more family-oriented and provides discounts for four or more people. Customers who have this subscription box feel that it works well for people who are vegetarian and provides pretty good healthy ingredients.

While I have not personally tried any of these products, I look forward to trying one next year when I have my first real apartment. With these subscription boxes, there seems to be a product for just about everyone’s desires. If you’re interested in trying these out, I’d suggest reading these websites specifically to see what stands out to you and your food wishes. Also, if you’re concerned about the price, there are tons of discount codes that can cut your subscription boxes down so you can eat great and still live on a college budget! (Ahem, YouTube is littered with discount codes in particular for Nature Box and Blue Apron!) Happy, healthy eating!


By Courtney Rosser

Image courtesy of Harvard Business School