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Apps to Improve Mental Health

Whether you’ve been hitting the books hard, going through the grueling process of pledging, or are just beat by the frigid temperatures, it’s easy to get exhausted, run-down, and sick. Being constantly on the go, it’s easy for your body and your mind to underperform—but sometimes it’s hard to take the “me” time you need. Thankfully, your cell phone or laptop can be your “saving grace.” With just the simple touch of a button on these cool apps, you’ll be on your way to a happier, relaxed, and better you.


Breathe2Relax (free on both iOS and Android)
This app developed for stress management offers a variety of breathing exercises to help reduce stress, stabilize your mood, and manage anxiety. It can be used individual or in a group, in case you and a bunch of your friends want to relax together.

SAM: Self Help for Anxiety Management (free on both iOS and Android)
As college students, our anxiety can be pretty high, especially with three tests and two papers due all while trying to fit in dinner, gym time, and time with your friends. This app is perfect to help you manage your anxiety levels and identify what causes you the most anxiety. With options to help manage your physical and mental symptoms, this app is perfect for people experiencing anxiety on any level.

Equanimity ($4.99 on iOS devices)
Equanimity is a mediation app that includes a journaling feature. With a variety of meditation options, this app is great for when you need to take a “time out” and focus on you.

BellyBio (free for iOS 7 compatible devices)
A seemingly different take on a meditation app, BellyBio teaches deep breathing techniques based on individual measurements taken by placing your phone on your stomach while using the app. This allows the app to monitor your breathing and teach you better ways to relax and breathe deeply.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson ($2.99 for iOS 7 compatible devices)
One of the biggest ways to improve your mental health is by getting enough sleep. This easy to use app gently soothes listeners to sleep. It also features a variety of mediation options, and an alarm, for when those deep relaxations turn into naps.


Sometimes our lives become a little too overwhelming, and we need a break. These apps are perfect when you hit those periods in your life, or day, when you need to step back, turn off, and just spend some time with yourself.

And sometimes, it’s okay to not be okay. Sometimes an app cannot always help us be happy, or help us through the hard times. Sometimes we need more than technology. We need friends, and family, and resources. I encourage you, if you are struggling and you don’t know what to do, to reach out to someone, because YOU are important, and YOU matter. Reach out to a friend, a family member, or a local counseling center. Technology can do a lot for us, but a person can do so much more.


By Annie O’Sullivan