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Are You an Adderall Junkie?

When I first came to college, I was excited and nervous about what the future would hold. I couldn’t help but think frequently about all the concerns I had about what the next year had in store. It came to the point where the only thing I was sure of was the three rules my mom repeated at least (and this is probably a low-ball estimate) fifty times before I stepped foot on campus. The first was to call her at least three times a week, the second was to never walk alone at night, and the third was to never do drugs.

You can imagine my naivety when someone first offered me an “addy” to get through my first round of exams. At this point, I hadn’t even heard of Adderall, so I politely declined. However, as a college student, I became all too aware of how popular Adderall was to get through exams or to boost your buzz on a Friday night out.

Although it’s such a popular pill to take, many college students forget about the risks and problems that can occur from Adderall abuse. While it may be justifiable to take some to get you through that one exam you just didn’t have enough time to prepare for, the more you use it the more harm it can do. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about using Adderall:


  1. It can be addictive – Some people might take it once or twice to get them through some really crucial exams, but it becomes a problem if you start relying on it to aid in writing papers, finishing projects and staying focused in class. It eventually becomes addictive because there is a constant feeling that you’re being unproductive without it. Dependency just increases from there.
  1. It’s illegal – Since it’s so common on campus, it almost feels as though Adderall is equivalent to Advil or Tylenol. What most students don’t think about though is that Adderall is a Schedule II substance right next to drugs like cocaine and oxycodone. It can have repercussions for people taking it without medical reason to.
  1. It can have side effects – Just like any other drug, Adderall has side effects. The one that most college students would bring up is the inability to sleep, but its side effects span further than just that. It has been said to have effects such as irritability, depression, sex drive changes, nervousness, anxiety, and loss of appetite.


So before you think about Adderall, maybe try a few cups of coffee or a chocolate energy bar! It might help more you in the long term.


By Courtney Rosser