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Weight Loss Hypnosis

With the temperatures dropping below 50 degrees, the fall semester at Syracuse University is in full swing. We’ve only got a few weeks left until Thanksgiving and only a few months away from the freshman realizing what winter in Syracuse is really like.

Stuffing our faces for Thanksgiving is only the first step of gaining the notorious “winter weight.” Some people tend to gain a few extra pounds during the winter due to inactivity and seasonal affective disorder that can be hard to shed. Maybe it is the lack of motivation to go outside, or maybe it’s just because the plate of festive cookies is just too tempting. As a result, many turn to dieting. Perhaps surprisingly, the latest dieting trend is called weight loss hypnosis.

Weight Loss Hypnosis: How It Works

The first thing to understand about weight loss hypnosis is that it is centered around positive reinforcement. It recognizes that as a patient, in order for the hypnosis to work, and last, you must believe in what is happening. A client must believe that they have the power to positively make the change.

The hypnosis begins by a hypnotherapist putting you into a state of deep relaxation. Next, your unconscious mind will be accessed to explain why you might overeat or eat unhealthily. This is followed by imagery. Imagery includes incorporating new eating habits into your mind as well as visualizing yourself reaching your goal. Common visualizations will be imagining your goal body, imagining yourself getting there easily, and visualizing the confidence you will have after the weight loss. Finally, the repeated process of hypnotherapy will lead to positive eating habits that will eventually lead you to reach your goal weight.

Downsides of Hypnosis

The media craze centered around weight loss hypnosis has sky-rocked. However, some are still resistant to jumping on the bandwagon. One of the main contradictions is the nutrition aspect. Although the hypnosis incorporates good eating habits into a client’s diet, those eating habits aren’t always nutritionally correct. Eating less can cause a person to lose weight, but it doesn’t necessarily make a person healthy. Another factor that isn’t considered in hypnosis is exercise. Hypnosis doesn’t suggest that exercise is key to losing weight. Although it isn’t the only factor to losing weight, exercise leads to a healthy, strong body.

If you’re considering trying to follow some weight loss tips for this upcoming hibernation season, weight loss hypnosis may be the trick for you to lose a couple of extra pounds. However, remember that losing weight doesn’t always make you healthy. As always, when trying to lose weight, remember: the last cookie won’t kill you.

By Corrina Nichols