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Does FitTea Actually Work?

The “teatox” trend has been making some headway lately and FitTea seems to be the front-runner. With celebrities such as Ed Westwick, Vanessa Ann Hudgens and Ashley Benson praising its results on their various social media accounts, FitTea has gained a massive amount of popularity.

FitTea is said to aid in fat burning and weight loss, improve your immune system, and clean your digestive system. After seeing multiple posts on my Instagram about this miracle tea, I figured I might as well give it a shot.  Here’s what I found:

14 or 28 Day Detox

FitTea offers a 14 or 28-day teatox along with various weight loss supplements. I ended up ordering the 28-day detox because I was skeptical that the 14-day option would be too short to yield any noticeable results.

When To Drink?

Written on the back of the bag are the suggested times for consumption: every morning or right before a workout. For the majority of my time during this teatox I would drink my tea right when I woke up in the morning before heading to class. However, the only time the tea noticeably affected my appetite was when I drank it right before my workout.

Energy Boost

Although FitTea’s website and celebrity sponsored ads claim that it will give you an extra energy boost, I really didn’t feel any difference.


Being more of a coffee lover, I was pleasantly surprised to find that FitTea is actually bearable to drink. The bag says that you could add lemon or honey to your tea to improve its taste, but I didn’t find that it needed any improving. The key, however, is to measure the proper amount of water for your tea as listed on the bag, because adding too much decreases the flavor and makes it much less of an enjoyable drinking experience.

Weight Loss/Change in Appearance

Over the course of my detox I lost about 4.5 pounds. That being said, this was aided by me working out a minimum of 4 days per week, not just by drinking the tea alone. As far as a change in appearance goes, I don’t have an issue with my stomach, which is the area most FitTea drinkers seek to change, but I definitely noticed that I didn’t feel bloated once while drinking the tea. My tummy always felt flat and tight.

Would I Do It Again?

I definitely would try FitTea again now that I know it has a greater affect on me if I drink it before a workout as opposed to right when I get up. Also, like any weight loss program, there’s no way to really gauge your results in just one month. I would reorder the tea purely because I liked how it tastes as well! Overall, if you’re curious about the teatox trend, go ahead and give FitTea a try; if you don’t see results at least you’ll have a tasty tea to warm you up on these chilly fall days.

By Zoe Farrell