Eat Smart

5 Tips to Ace Flu Season

Water, Water, Water!

Put those orange water bottles to use! Water will flush all the gross toxins out of your body and rehydrate all your healthy cells. Add a tea bag to your warm water, which will be good for your throat and metabolism. Drink lots and drink often! Can you handle the 1 gallon a day challenge?

Take Advantage of Good Ol’ Health Services

Syracuse conveniently has a health care office right down the street. If you can’t seem to feel better or need a professional opinion, that’s where to go. Health services also offers free flu shots. Stop by room #110 (next to the Pharmacy) at the Health Center (111 Waverly Avenue) between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on October 29th or November 5th, 12th, and 19th.


This is the cheapest medicine out there. Allow your body to rest and recuperate to overcome that nasty cold or flu. Eight to nine hours is ideal when you are under the weather. To prevent future sicknesses, create a routine of at least seven hours every night.

Get Fresh Air

Take a walk. If you need a break from your room, or a have a jam-packed study day, schedule time to get outside. Walking and soaking in the sunshine is good for your health and will likely speed up your recovery rate.  Sweating out can clear your mucus and stuffy nose.

Wash. Your. Hands.

This simple task is the number one reason kids get sick.  Try washing after using the bathroom, before meals, and before bed.  An easy alternate would be a to-go hand sanitizer for any surprise germs. They’re a perfect fit for you backpack or purse.  Colleges contain thousands of germy surfaces with thousands of germy hands. Think library keyboards and elevator buttons. Another good habit to start is to avoid touching your face; it’ll help prevent bacteria from entering your body.

By Sydney Hughes