Eat Smart

8 Delicious Snacks To Keep You Full

The biggest barrier most people seem to face when trying to eat healthy is portion control. In America, we are all about excess and convenience: the biggest franchises, the most expensive cars, fast food chain restaurants, etc. But bigger isn’t always better—especially when it comes to diet. Focus on eating smaller portions that will satisfy your hunger. This way, it is easier not to overeat during any one meal, and to have calories to spare for healthy snacks. Keep that metabolism going strong!

1) PB Burrito

Take an 8-inch whole-wheat wrap and spread a thin layer of organic peanut butter on it. Top it off with a quarter cup of granola or Oats N’ Honey cereal and drizzle with a touch of honey. These are super easy to make and perfect to hold you over until your next meal! (Tip: Buy organic natural peanut butter for a less-processed option—Teddie’s All Natural Flax Seed PB from Trader Joe’s is delicious!)

2) Apple Dippers

Mix plain yogurt with a dash of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey to go along with your apple of choice! These are great for days you seem to be eating big meals but still feel chronically hungry. P.S., yay for apple picking season!

3) Savory Avocado-Topped Rice Cakes

Spread fresh avocado onto two whole grain rice cakes and sprinkle some salt and pepper on top. #trendy

4) Sweet PB&J Rice Cakes

Switch out your avocado with some natural organic peanut butter and a low-sugar jelly or jam!

4) Smoothie Bowl

Blend together mixed frozen berries, a touch of almond milk, some orange juice, and ice. Pour the smoothie into a bowl and slice up some fresh bananas to go on top. If smoothies aren’t your thing, substitute with plain Greek yogurt!

5) Protein-Packed Kale Roll Up

Spread a thin layer of hummus onto an 8-inch whole-wheat tortilla (the Fiber One brand is my personal fave) and top off with a thin slice or two of turkey breast and a ton of kale.

  1. Whole Grain English muffin

Keep it quick and simple! Toast up a whole grain English muffin, and top with a serving of apple butter and berries. Add some flax or chia seeds for a little extra fiber. (Fiber=feeling full…Yay!)

  1. DIY On-the-Go Trail Mix

Throw together some lightly salted almonds, dried cranberries, roasted peanuts, crunched up pretzels, and a few dark chocolate chips in a Ziploc bag. It’s great to make a few of these ahead of time to grab on your way out the door to class. I recommend about a handful as a portion. (Tip: Nuts are nutrient dense meaning that they provide a lot of different nutrients but are also high in calories. So again, portion is key!)


By Sarah Kinzler