How to Work out When You Really Don’t Want to

Balancing school, sleep, and a social life can be difficult; getting a workout in during your busy schedule isn’t always a top priority. And even if you have the time, it can be hard to get up and be active as the weather gets colder and the workload piles up. However, getting a workout out in, even if it’s as small as a 30 minute walk, has shown major benefits. It can reduce stress, boost metabolism, and stimulate brain activity. With all these great benefits, why NOT workout? Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation, so we have come up with some tips and tricks to get you energized and excited about exercising.

Stylish Gear

One of the biggest motivators for working out is how you look! Having exciting and cute workout gear can make getting active a whole lot easier, because it gives you something to look forward too. As they say, you only feel as good as you look. Whether you’re into running and hiking, or would rather stick to the gym, there is adorable and affordable workout gear for every type of exercise. So go out and go wild while shopping, and before you know it, you’ll be excited to get your work outs in.

Kick it With a Killer Playlist

Having a killer playlist can help exercise feel easy and effortless. While the type of music you listen to is up to you, fast-paced, energetic songs are more likely to work your body harder, and in the long run, make you feel better.  With apps like RockMyRun, FIT Radio, and PaceDJ, it is quick and easy to put together an upbeat playlist. Or you could make your own, sans app, which gives you the perfect excuse to buy the new Beyoncé album.

Set Post-Workout Perks

Setting post-workout goals is one of the most invigorating things about finishing a workout. While every workout doesn’t necessarily deserve a treat for accomplishing it, it’s important to reward yourself every once in a while for pushing yourself to get up and be active, whether that means treating yourself to a pedicure or getting ice cream in the dining hall. These little rewards will not only give you something to look forward to after working out, but soon exercising could become something you don’t necessarily need an incentive to do at all.

Buddy Up

Friends are excellent motivation tools, and they are especially great for guilting you into a workout when you’d so much rather sit in your room and watch Netflix. Trust me, we’ve all be there. Working out with a buddy gives you someone to talk to during and helps take your mind off of the workout itself. It’s a great way to get fit and spend time with friends. As an added bonus, it’s almost like having your own personal cheerleader pushing you to keep going when you want to give up.

By Annie O’Sullivan