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Carry-On Items You Don’t Want to Forget

Have you ever packed for a flight but forgot about your carry-on until the last minute, and wound up throwing random junk in there that you thought you might need? Air travel can be long and takes a toll on the body, so stock up on these essential carry-on items before you take off next time.


Sleep mask and earplugs. While airplanes shut off most of their lights during overnight flights, the people next to you might not be so courteous. Pack a sleep mask to darken your surroundings, and have a pair of earplugs handy in case you’re the unfortunate passenger who gets to experience a baby’s first flight up close.


Spry. Spry gum doesn’t contain aspartame or artificial sweeteners, which means you can chew on these without wanting to mindlessly snack. Artificial sweeteners have been known to kill good gut bacteria, spark appetite, and affect blood glucose levels, so keep a bag of these handy.


Hand wipes. In an airplane, you never know who touched something before you, so have a bag of antibacterial wipes handy to disinfect armrests, remotes, or anything else someone’s germs may have touched.


Essential oils. Put these in your liquids bag! A good starter kit would be peppermint oil (for headaches, stomach aches, anxiety, alertness), lavender oil (for sleeping, bruises), oregano oil (anti-bacterial), and lemon oil (disinfectant and stomach aches). Young Living is a leader in essential oils, and you can order from their website.


Protein Bars. Give yourself the boost you need at thirty thousand feet. Remember that some protein bars are filled with hidden sugars and fats, so try brands like Smart for Life, Pure Organic, Kashi GoLean, and Luna.


Airport book. Instead of being sucked into backlit screens and bad airplane movies, buy a book specifically for air travel and read it as you fly. If you hate it, you can always leave it in the pocket of your seat for someone else to enjoy.


Comfy socks. No one should have to fly in uncomfortable shoe and sock wear. Invest in some cool, comfortable socks you’ll never want to take off your feet. Marry your toes to these socks if you have to.


Face moisturizer, hand cream, and chapstick. Airplanes are severely drying on the body. Stock up on travel sizes you can throw into your liquids bag with ease, and apply liberally any time you need to.


Remember to always ask for water when the flight attendants come around, even if you feel you don’t need it. You may want some later, and it’s important to keep hydrated during the flight.


By Madeleine Fournier