Student Life

Taste the #WaterRevolution!

So what exactly is a bobble? It is a revolutionary water bottle that is adorable, eco-friendly, keeps you hydrated, and filters water. Thirty-eight billion single serve water bottles are disposed in our nation’s landfills every year, which represents 12 percent of solid waste and takes over 700 years to decompose. Bobble’s mission is to “creatively deliver clean, great – tasting water, while eliminating the outrageous waste of single serve water bottles.” This is why everyone on campus should join the movement to taste the #waterrevolution.

Numerous college campuses have begun to either limit the uses of bottled water or banish bottled water overall. We all have to be aware of how destructive drinking bottled water can be for our planet and environment. Coming from a generation of young adults currently experiencing global warming, it is our job to start making a change. This is where bobble can play a significant role in reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability. This revolutionary water bottle eliminates waste by being reusable and filtering tap water as you drink.

We are also introducing the new bobble sport! It is a newer version of a bobble but a complement to your workout. It adds an extra grip to the bottle so it doesn’t slip off easily when running or exercising. It can definitely be put to use by keeping you hydrated when going to the gym. This semester, look out for chances to win free bobbles on campus and other free swag!


By Shelley Cheung