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6 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Actually Aren’t

1. Yogurt

That low-fat or free-fat yogurt is actually filled with lots of sugar, sometimes as much as candy. Especially be wary of those with fruits and artificial flavors.

Greek yogurt is definitely a better option, packed with protein and probiotics. Adding fresh fruits into plain Greek yogurt is a great snack after a hard-core workout!

2. White Bread

No matter how much we all love white bread and bagels, all they contain are refined grains. They are also very low on nutrients and fiber.

Instead, switch to 100 percent whole wheat bread. It includes lots of fiber and vitamins. However, don’t be fooled by “wheat” bread! Wheat or multi-grained bread is actually just as bad as white.

3. Granola

Granola may seem like a healthier option than cereal, but one bowl of granola is actually not as good as you may think. It is low in sugar, but high in fat.

Use granola instead as a topping for your Greek yogurt. It will be a game changer!

4. Energy or Protein Bars

Although these are intended for athletes, you may think that it’s a good idea to snack on one before your workout. These bars have just as much sugar as a candy bar and also contain saturated fats. For example, a PowerbarProtein Plus Chocolate Brownie energy bar has 360 calories while a Snickers bar only has 250.

Instead, try switching to KIND bars or Clif bars. They have less sugar and are low in calories. It’s important to look at those nutrition labels!

5. Anything Reduced Fat/Fat-Free

We’ve all bought reduced fat peanut butter, reduced fat crackers, reduced fat cheese, etc. Even though this means they contain 25 percent less fat than the original version, it is often an unhealthier option because it has more salt and sugar added in order to make up for the loss of flavor.

Sticking to the original version is usually the better way to go. Avoid fat-free milk –switching to skim milk is a better option.

6. Trail Mix & Dried Fruit

Often times, dried fruit has a lot of added sugar and trail mix includes roasted and salted nuts.

Eating regular fruit is the better way to go. Fruit has juices and water, which fills you up easily, unlike dried fruit, which can often lead to dehydration. Instead of eating store-bought trail mix, it is healthier to make your own with un-roasted nuts like peanuts and pistachios.

By Shelley Cheung