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2015’s Best Health and Fitness Apps

If you are on your phone basically 24/7, why not use it to make yourself healthier? These three fitness apps are just what you need to prevent that annual winter weight gain.

  • Fitocracy Macros

When people diet, they tend to count calories. However, counting calories leaves you prone to the negative side effects of dieting, like hunger, low energy, and irritability. This app is geared towards controlling macronutrient intake—the nutrients that provide our bodies with calories and energy. If you consume the proper regimen of macros, you can avoid those pesky dieting side effects and build lean muscle, helping you gain that toned spring break bod you desperately want.

  • MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal helps to track exercise, diet, and calories, as well as a variety of other helpful features. It claims to have the largest food and calorie database, which you can tap into by using their barcode scanner. This app is great for tracking your weight in general, but it surpasses others by predicting your future weight based your day’s consumption. You can start your health kick on MyFitnessPal with a simple scan!

  • Healthy Out

This app helps you find nutritious restaurants in your area, catering to your needs through the use of a wide range of filters. The app can also search nearby locations for your perfect dish and tell you the healthiest meal at the restaurant where you’re currently eating. Pair this app with MyFitnessPal and stay committed. The results will follow!

If none of these sound appealing, still stop by the app store and browse around. There are hundreds of amazing health and fitness apps that can help suit your needs. Check them out!

By Louis Bookoff