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17 Fabulous Holiday Date Ideas

Heat up your relationship this winter with some fun, easy date ideas that are sure to melt away those winter blues.


1. Cook together – this opens the door to more opportunities. Whether you feed his family, donate food to those in need, or have a romantic dinner for two, cooking almost always brings people closer together.

2. Holiday movie marathon.

3. Look for local events – there are always tree lightings, holiday festivals, and sometimes even ugly sweater parties taking place. Check out your local activities calendar.

4. Sponsor a family/toys for tots – there are plenty of ways to give back this time of year to those in need. It will bring out the best in you both.


1. Snowshoe at night.

2. Be a kid again – start snowball fights, build forts, create snowmen; snow provides plenty of fun opportunities to share.

3. Go for a walk on the beach if you live by the water.

4. Ice skate – many towns have outdoor rinks in the winter time, but as long as it is safe, ponds and bogs can be a great place to spend time in a secluded place.

5. Go to a local park – they can be beautiful with fresh snow.

Stay in:

1. Watch upcoming awards shows – make a game out of it, predict who is going to win and make small, fun bets with your partner.

2. Watch movies that are up for awards – it will provide context for the awards shows and you can even make it more like a “movie theatre” experience.

3. Fondue night! Doesn’t it sound like fun?

4. Cook/bake something you have always wanted to, or already love.

5. Look through old picture albums – but beware of the embarrassing ones!

6. Old home videos can provide lots of laughs, too.

Go out:

1. Find a coffee shop that is open late so you can sit and chat.

2. Hit the town – many towns have small comedy/theatre clubs that are reasonably priced; plus, this might allow you to do dinner AND a show.

By Liz Tosi