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6 Things You Need to Survive the Winter

There are two weeks between Thanksgiving and winter break. That’s definitely enough time to get hypothermia, but not enough time to beg your parents to send you care packages full of your necessary winter items.

When you go home for Thanksgiving break, consider some of the items you might need to keep you sane during finals week. No one should have to worry about dealing with the freezing wintry days during such an already stressful time of year. Here are six things you definitely need to bring back to school with you to help conquer the cold:

Rain boot liners: Weather is tricky here in Syracuse, and without a doubt it changes quickly. Those rain boots of yours may find use again even in frigid temperatures, so keep your toes warm in the rain with fleece liners that block out the cold.

Hand/foot warmers: Planning on going to an event outside on campus? Or maybe you’re going on a walk with friends to shake off the stress of finals. In either situation, hand and foot warmers last for hours while keeping your appendages dry and toasty.

Foot Powder: When your feet are cold and soaked, germs can infest the insides of your shoes, causing them to stink up your dorm room. Add some foot powder to them before you head out but be cautious, many foot powders are “mint”-scented and will cause your toes to be chillier than they already are. Look for unscented or “fresh” powders.

Clorox wipes: When the cold hits, germs spread everywhere we go, especially in dorms. Keep your laptop, phone, desk, and door handles clean in order to avoid sickness. After all, staying healthy is one of the best things you can do for yourself this time of year.

Slippers/Moccasins: Walking in the dorms without shoes on is an obvious red flag, but flip-flops no longer seem appropriate. Bring back your fuzziest slippers or coziest moccasins to keep your feet warm and protected from infection when you’re just hanging around.

Chapstick/Creams: This seems pretty obvious during the winter, but you would be surprised how quickly you can run out of these items. Stock up on chapstick and creams for your face and hands – these body parts are exposed to harsh temperatures and can chap very easily.

By Liz Tosi