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The Maya Moore Diet

So, what’s her secret? After making just a slight tweak to her diet, WNBA player Maya Moore saw significant improvement in her performance on the basketball court.

After spending some time with Kara Lawson, WNBA veteran, prior to the 2013 WNBA season, Moore completely cut out dairy foods from her diet and consumption of processed sugar. Shortly thereafter, she saw a notable improvement to her game on the basketball court. She felt more energetic and less tired during her play and her recovery speed from games and workouts significantly increased. “It definitely made a difference in terms of me being quicker – and in less pain,” says Moore.

For Moore, the primary reason the dairy-free diet was so beneficial to her was because it helped her lose weight. Dairy foods are actually quite high in sugar. Sugar is not as high in milk and cheese as some other processed foods like soda, but dairy products contain enough sugar to elevate your insulin levels. For those who want to shed a few pounds, regulating your insulin level is extremely important. Losing a few pounds on a dairy-free diet will increase your performance in workouts by decreasing the pressure on your joints. This allows you to move faster more efficiently and feel less sore afterwards.

Reducing sugar intake is also crucial to an efficient performance during workouts. Lawson, who first suggested the diet change to Moore, was able to cut back on her sugar intake and saw a significant improvement in her energy levels on the basketball court. Why is that so? When sugar is consumed, glucose enters your bloodstream. Similarly to what dairy products do, sugar in the bloodstream leads to an increase in insulin levels as a response to your body’s need to absorb the sugar as energy. If you consume too much sugar, it causes insulin to store excess fat in your body, leading to weight gain and sluggishness.

Cutting our dairy products and reducing sugar intake in your diet has multiple benefits to your health. Not only will it aid weight loss, it will also increase efficiency and energy during your workouts, along with an increased recovery rate.

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By Tammy Hong