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The 6 Healthiest Marshall Street Eats

Weekends in college can be associated with making bad decisions. At midnight when all of your friends crave that greasy pizza from Acropolis, or those smothered wings from Varsity, sometimes you’ll feel pressured to join the crowd. Two hours later you’re stuck with a guilty, bloated feeling instead. Next time you head down to Marshall Street, consider some of these healthier options so you can enjoy the time with your friends and not worry about it later.

Best Breakfast: If you end up at Funk ‘N Waffles, have no fear! There are whole-wheat options as well as fruit toppings, yogurt, nuts, and granola. They also offer half-size orders and with the right toppings, the fiber and protein will fill you right up!

Best Lunch/Dinner: The Pita-Pit is protein-packed! Go for a lighter option, like the Spicy Black Bean or Hummus Pita for protein and carbs to fuel you up for your night-long adventures.

Best Salads: Think Faegan’s is only pub food and beer? Think again! They offer many seemingly “upscale” salad options for around $10 each. Toppings include fruit, nuts, cheeses, fish, and an array of light and refreshing salad dressings.

Best Late Night Snacks: Don’t knock off King David’s for some snacks! Greek food is often made with olive oil and fresh ingredients, and King David’s offers an array of appetizers that are healthy. It’s a great way to get in some extra veggies at night and not feel weighed down after.

Best Desserts: Strong Heart’s Café offers many vegan options for desserts, including cupcakes and cookies. They also have an enormous shake and smoothie list that can please even the pickiest eater, containing chocolaty, fruity, or even caffeinated beverages. If vegan is not on your list, there is always Yogurtland. It can be a relatively healthy option if portion control and fresh toppings such as coconut, fruits, sliced almonds, and even peanut butter are used.

No matter what you choose, remember not to stress out too much about where you end up. Make the healthiest choice possible, and enjoy the time with your friends.

By Liz Tosi