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If the Shoe Fits

Believe it or not, wearing the right athletic shoes for you is a significant part of an effective workout. Wearing the wrong shoes can easily lead to injury and discomfort during and post-workout. Below are several points to consider when you’re purchasing a pair of exercise shoes.

  • Consider what kind of exercise you do most often, because different types of exercise require different types of shoes. A specific pair of exercise shoes is usually not meant for multiple purposes. For example, different shoes are suggested for running and walking, two of the simplest forms of exercise. Walking shoes are stiffer, while running shoes should be more flexible and come with extra cushioning to handle impact. Also consider the location or platform that you workout on. For example, some models of exercise shoes have better shock absorption features for running outside on more rugged surfaces.
  • Knowing and understanding the shape of your feet is crucial to picking the appropriate exercise shoes for you. If you’re unsure, do a “wet test” where you dip your foot in water and step on a platform that creates a print of the bottom of your foot. Examine your footprint to see whether your feet roll inwards, whether you’re flatfooted, etc., in order to determine the amount of support and motion-control you’d want from your exercise shoes.
  • Reexamine the shape of your foot once in a while. It is true that your feet change during your teenage years. Although the size of your feet may not change, the shape of your feet will most likely alter as you get older. 
  • Feet swell over the course of the day. Shop for shoes in the evening so you can try on exercise shoes when your feet are at their largest possible size. Also, always try on the pair of shoes before purchasing them. An appropriate pair of shoes will stimulate comfort immediately when you walk around wearing them.
  • Know when to replace your shoes. The grip at the bottom of your shoes eventually wears out. Depending on how often you exercise, athletic shoes should be replaced at an average of once a year.

Keep in mind that understanding the needs of your exercise is crucial to purchasing the best pair of shoes for you. Do not refrain from buying a quality pair of exercise shoes due to them being slightly too expensive. Investing in a solid pair of athletic shoes will guarantee maximum comfort and efficiency during your workouts.

By Tammy Hong