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The 10 Germiest Things in Your Dorm Room

Fungi. Bacteria. Dirt. Germs. Think your roommate is the only one you share your dorm room with? Think again.

You already knew dorm bathrooms and halls were germ-central, but maybe you never thought of what was lurking behind your own door. Here are some of the dirtiest items sitting right under your nose, but better yet, ideas on how to keep them as clean as possible.

Beds – According to Dr. Lisa Shrives of “Sleep Better,” a college students’ pillow has 170 million potential bacteria counts as well as mold and yeasts. These can potentially cause skin lesions, asthma, and infections. The cure: WASH YOUR SHEETS! Changing pillows as well as showering before sleeping will also prevent the build up.

Cell phones – Cell phones are used in the gym, in class, while eating, and of even sometimes, in the bathroom. All of this use in different settings brings germs found there to the surface, and then directly transfers them to your ear while talking. Your body heat also increases the amount of bacteria growth on your phone. Solution: Wipe your phone with disinfectant wipes a few times a week. Try not to bring it to the bathroom or even shower with you, because that spreads the most bacteria.

Backpacks – Whether it ends up on the floor, hanging on a bathroom door, desks, or anywhere near the dining halls, your backpack picks up dirt and germs wherever it goes. Sweating on your way to class? Yep, that’s still there, too. What to do: Throw the backpack in the washing machine once in a while. Spray with Febreeze in between washes. Also try not to put it on the floor whenever possible. Putting it on a hook is substantial.

Some other items to watch out for:

Keyboards, remote controls, door handles, microwave & fridge handles, desktops, and shower flip-flops.

Don’t forget to throw your shower shoes away every month or so!

For the most part, Lysol Disinfectant wipes will be your best friend in college, with soap and water coming in close second.

By Liz Tosi