Green Tea: The Lifesaver

It wasn’t until I found my roommate whimpering in agony that I realized what a lifesaver green tea is.

It was 8:00 at night; an hour after SU Health Services had closed for the day. She had developed an upset stomach and the medication she took didn’t seem like it was doing its job. Because it had previously worked for me, I decided to make her a hot cup of green tea to just warm up her stomach. To my surprise, however, the green tea seemed to do a miraculous job soothing my roommate’s stomach pains after just a few sips. Though she was still in pain, she could at least unwind from her fetal position and stop whimpering.

Green tea is known for its high levels of polyphenol antioxidants, which can strengthen the body’s metabolic and digestive processes, as well as prevent stomach problems. Green tea stimulates the digestive system by helping the body break down food more easily. It is also used to neutralize the pressure in the abdomen caused by bloating, which is usually associated with stomach pain. Furthermore, polyphenol antioxidants have also been shown to prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the stomach. Considering these things, the green tea consumed by my roommate was probably able to minimize her pain by subduing the bloating in her stomach.

Drinking green tea comes with some risks, as well. For one, it contains caffeine and much like coffee, too much green tea can cause problems like insomnia and an increased heart rate. Regardless of that, drinking green tea has far more benefits than your every day cup of coffee. To list a few, green tea can hydrate the body, keep you energized for a longer period of time when compared to coffee, and is also a great weight loss aid. Lastly, some consider tea to be easier to make than coffee, which can be beneficial in the morning. All of these benefits considered, you might just have to switch your morning cup of coffee for a cup of tea instead.

By Tammy Hong