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4 Sleep Apps for a Better Slumber

As college students, none of us have a regular sleep cycle. Sometimes we get to bed before 10 p.m., and well, sometimes we don’t. For those of you who would like to fall asleep every night as soon as your head hits the pillow, and wake up a little less groggy, check out these clever sleep apps created to help you do just that!

1. SleepCycle. This apps function is given away in its name. It is designed to literally help monitor and regulate your sleep patterns, allowing for a more normal cycle. It acts as a sleep alarm clock, deciding to wake you up when you are in a lighter sleep cycle than in a heavier one. It determines your sleep phase using the accelerometer built in to the iPhone, which can detect and record the amount of movement in your bed. Waking up in a lighter sleep phase will help you feel more rested, and lessen the desire for skipping that 9:30 class.

2. Sleep Pillow. As college students, it is tough to transition from our bed at school to our bed at home, and vice versa. Especially when it comes to the differences in background noise. If you are used to falling asleep to late-night chatter at school, the dead quiet can be hard to fall asleep to at home. This app provides a series of calming background sounds that create the perfect white noise to send you in to a slumber, from a babbling brook to ocean waves.

3. Yoga for Insomnia. This app allows you to get your ohm on before bed. It offers a variety of yoga poses and breathing exercises which help relax you and release some of the day’s tension from your body. The app offers lessons that range from beginner all the way to advanced for those who practice outside of the bedroom.

4. Sleepmaker Rain Free. Who doesn’t become sleepy on rainy days? This app provides sounds of rain falling on different things, from gutters, to canvas, to windows with a touch of wind. Sounds peaceful, huh? All the sounds come from real rain recordings, that have been proven to help even children and infants fall asleep!

By Aisling Williams


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  1. Great information! Wish I had known about these when I was in college. Many people simply struggle with the act of falling asleep. I would be interested to try some of these out for myself.

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