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Easy Exercises For Spring Break Abs

In two weeks this campus will be basically empty for spring break. Going back to New Jersey doesn’t really give me any bikini time, but just because I’m unlucky doesn’t mean all of you are! Some of you will go home where it’s warm and some of you will go on vacation. Here are some easy exercises for spring break abs.

1. Bicycle Crunches: Lie face-up on the ground or a mat of your choice with your hands behind your head, supporting it. Start to bring your right elbow to your abdomen along with your left leg. Replace and repeat with your left elbow and your right leg. That’s one. Do three sets of sixteen.

2. Plank: Start with your face toward the ground, resting on your forearms and your palms flat. Push off onto your toes and ball your palms into fists, but keep your forearms on the ground, all shoulder-width apart. Make sure your back remains flat and your butt doesn’t stick into the air. Hold for sixty seconds. Do five sets.

If you are at a gym or have equipment available to you, adding a regular exercise ball to crunches can be very effective. Standing on a bosu ball while doing squats also engages your core because of how hard it can be to balance.

By Casie Popkin


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