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Feel Summer-Level Energy, Even When It’s Below Zero

I previously posted about the effect of S.A.D, or Season Affective Disorder. Right now, when it’s almost spring, but we know nothing warmer than 40 degrees is making its way to Syracuse, it can be kind of hard to not only walk all over campus to class, but to get out of bed. Being cold makes us irritable and definitely more tired. Ever notice how you seem to get cold when you get sleepy enough to nap? Yeah. Me too.

Well, here are some ways to get your energy up even when the temperatures are very, very low.

1. Walking from class to class in the cold might not be your idea of fun, but have you ever noticed how awake you are when you finally reach your destination? That’s right. Simply walking for ten minutes a day can give you up to two hours of extra energy.

2. Next time you’re sitting in the library feeling like you might doze off, pull up a funny video instead. Laughing wakes you up while letting you stay comfortable, instead of making you drowsy.

3. Need an extra boost before you head out for class? Pour some chia seeds into your morning yogurt. Chia seeds are packed with Vitamin B, fiber, and protein, which are all good for an energy and good for your diet!

By Casie Popkin