General Health

The Truth About Weekend Weight Gain

It’s finally Friday. After a long week of classes, all any college student wants to do is lie in bed, watch Netflix, eat pizza and drink sugary beverages. It becomes so easy to gain weight over the weekend between the lack of activity and poor eating habits. However, a new study done by Cornell reveals that it’s okay to indulge over the weekend if you want to maintain or lose weight. The most important thing to remember is to eat healthy during the weekdays.

The study examined 80 adults ranging from 25-62 years old for a period of days ranging from 15 to 330 days. The participants were told to weigh themselves at the start of each day to track weight fluctuation. After the study was conducted, adults who lost weight were adults who reported that they let themselves indulge over the weekend. These same adults also reported that their weight was highest on Sunday and Monday and lowest on Fridays. Adults who gained weight reported that their weight did not fluctuate over the week.

The findings of this study are consistent with previous studies that have discovered that weight management does not come from restricting food from a diet, but from allowing room for short-term splurges.

With this new information in mind, don’t feel bad if you indulge a little or don’t want to go to the gym over the weekend. However, make sure that when Monday comes around, you’re ready to resume a healthy diet and lifestyle.

By Alison Pang