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How To Get Rid Of Cramps Without Pain Medication

Being a girl sucks. Not only do we have to deal with the looming future of motherhood – should you decide that’s what you want – but we also have to deal with monthly periods until we’re in our 50s. Along with all the nasty things that come along with Mother Nature’s gift, some girls get cramps. These cramps can be minor, the kind that go away if you move your body in a different position, or they can be so painful that they’re physically exhausting and when the pain subsides, all you can do as a victim to this is sleep.

Here are some ways to rid yourself of just one more way the world tries to bring us women down without taking any prescription or non-prescription pain pills;

1. Exercise. I know this probably sounds stupid. You’re in pain and you can’t even lie down comfortably, let alone go work out, but it’s true. While your body is retaining the amount of water that it does during your period, working out helps to release some of that pressure building.

2. Place a heated water bottle or pad on your abdomen. Really don’t feel like moving? Find a hot water source and lie it on your stomach or lower back. As cold helps burns, heat tends to help with soreness.

3. If all else fails, talk to your doctor about birth control. Taking a daily pill might not be your thing, but if nothing else seems to work, the pill might be your answer.