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8 Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s almost that time of year again, where if you’re single, you want the day to disappear, and if you’re coupled off, you can’t wait. Its Valentines Day — the holiday of love.

If you’re sick of the same old same old, try to get your man to do one of these ideas:

Reenact your first date: Throwback to your first date. Eat at the same restaurant and order the same food. Go back to where the love began!

Get Physical: Not “that” physical. This type of physical could be going to an amusement park, going water skiing or tubing. When you get those endorphins flowing, it’s proven to leave you both in loving moods.

Go for a massage: What woman would ever turn down a massage? None. Booking a couples massage would make both of you less tense, relaxed and set the mood just right for the day.

Be homebodies: Just chill at home together with no distractions: no phones, computers or answering the doors. Just you and your man with some peace and quiet–even order in some pizza and just enjoy the day.

24 hours of chocolate: Chocolate is the typical V-Day sweet. And there is nothing wrong with that. But have some fun with it; take your woman out to a few different dessert places and pick fun chocolate options at each! Show her your sweetness all day long.

Get away: If money allows, go on a weekend getaway or even a night away, somewhere far, far away. Make sure to give your girl options of places you’re thinking about going to so she can take time off of work.

Dress up: Make a dinner reservation somewhere nice and fancy—so that you and your woman can dress up. Dressing up always makes the time together special and you both look good!

Cook her dinner: Make the day all about her. Make her breakfast in bed, give the roses and heart shaped chocolate, cook her a nice dinner with some candles. Show your love and appreciation for her.

By Sarah Richheimer