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Baby, It’s Cold Outside, But You’re Losing Weight Too

Despite the extremely cold temperatures and tons (literally) of snow, there is some good that has come from this weather. I know it’s hard to believe, but stick with me here. Studies have shown that colder temperatures may actually help you drop a few pounds, which is beneficial when you’re already wearing six layers.

How does it work?

Well, according to research done in the Netherlands, in cold temperatures our bodies produce something called brown fat. This brown fat burns heat, helping to actually eat away at white fat in our bodies, or burning energy stored from good. Naturally, this diminishes overall fat content and allows us to lose a little weight.

The study noted that those who are thinner have more brown fat than those who are overweight or elderly. Also, if our body adjusts to living in colder temperatures, our body produces more brown fat. How wonderful it is to live in a place like Syracuse!

In the study, participants were adjusted to cooler temps over time, spending an average of six hours per day in the cold for 10 days. By the end of the study, participants had more brown fat in their bodies and shivered less at 59 degrees. Students at SU would be wearing shorts in 59 degrees, just saying.

So, as you sit growling at the sight of your breath in the air every day, just think—you could be building up brown fat, and more enticing, losing weight!

By Aisling Williams