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Social Media and Technology: Good or Bad for Your Relationship?

We all know that social media and technology are some of the basic forms of communication in our culture today.  They make it easy to keep in touch with loved ones all over the world.  However, while this makes it easier to keep relationships up, is it hurting them at the same time?

Say someone messages you on Facebook or Twitter and the conversation starts from there.  Then it moves to texting.  So, now what?  You’ve had all of these great conversations online and now it’s time to meet face to face.  It’s a lot different having a conversation with someone face to face than it is through words on a screen.  Those words lack intimacy and emotion no matter how many emojis you put in them.  Through texts and social media messages you never see the look on the other person’s face or hear their tone when they say something.  Many times that is where the problems lie.  You don’t really know the context from where the other person is saying these things.

Not only can relationships start and be maintained through these outlets, they can be ended as well.  While we all know this is the worst way to end something it happens so frequently.  It’s hard to take in the full effect of what is going on when all you can see are black and white words on the page.  You don’t hear the tone in the person’s voice while they’re talking and they can’t see your reaction to it all.  No one knows how the other is truly feeling or how they are reacting.  Many times, we get so upset that we don’t even fully read the messages being sent to us.  We read what we want to and go off of that.  We can’t help it.  These forms of technology and media take the easy way of avoiding emotions, which can’t be done in a relationship.

While these outlets are great ways to stay in touch while traveling or living apart from your significant other maybe we should not use them as much as we do.  We need face-to-face contact to be able to fully tell how much of our emotions to invest into the other person.  We need this to know that the other person cares as much as we do, even when it is all coming to an end.  So while texting and social media can help certain relationships to survive, it can also bring some down a dangerous path.  This path, in some cases, may not be one of return.  So while it is so easy to use these devices, make sure to make time for the actual human contact, it’ll benefit you in the end.

By Samantha Breault