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How to Know When it’s Really Love

We all know that guys aren’t the best with sharing their emotions, and sometimes they leave us women hanging with the question dangling over our heads —  “does he love me?” Guys can be weird sometimes and it can often be hard to read them. For me personally, I have been stuck on this road before, wondering if the guy I like really likes me back and is just awkward at showing it.

If you’re curious and want to find out if he’s actually falling in love with you, here are some tips to watch for:

He sends stupid texts: If his texts lack originality and are boring, he’s pretty love-drunk. If he texts: “I’m drinking a margarita,” or “I just saw a cat and he looks like yours,” he’s fallin’. He really means “I remember you said you like margaritas,” and “I don’t even mind that your cat hates men.” He also means that he really wants to be with you, your cat and margaritas all together.

He calls you and answers when you ring him: Guys usually don’t pick up the phone unless it’s for work, an emergency or to hear YOUR voice. Yeah, he’s falling hard if he answers the phone and he knows it’s not a dire emergency, or his boss on the other end.

He stops getting quite as many texts from others: All girls like when guys are good texters, right? I know I do. In fact, I complain and call guys out when they can’t keep a convo going. On the contrary, if a girl doesn’t want to text a guy, usually she stops and then leads him to end the convo too. So, if he can keep up with your lengthy conversations, he’s probably pretty into you.

He asks for style advice: I love when a guy asks for my opinion on a shirt to wear or what card he should buy for his moms birthday. It means he cares about your opinion and according to Women’s Health magazine, he’ll only asks if he’s “drunk on love hormones.”   

You hear his buddies giving him a hard time: A guy’s friends always know him best, right? So when your guy’s friends start picking on him and relating it to you, you can be certain they aren’t joking around. They are making observations about how their friend (your boy) has changed and these are things you may just be learning about through them. So let them tell you how HE really feels.