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Dry Skin? An Ode To Syracuse In The Winter

Transferring into Syracuse, I honestly had no idea what I was in for this winter. My skin had always gotten a little dry during the cold months, but considering I never walked around a campus as much as I do now, I wasn’t even remotely ready for what this place had to offer me in the ways of itchy, flaky, and red cheeks.

When putting foundation on your face is difficult and basically pointless because you can see white bits of skin regardless, here are some things to keep the moisture that the wind here can take away from you.

1. If you aren’t moisturizing now — it’s time to start. Considering the temperatures are well below freezing even when the sun’s up, that alone can dry up any moisture your skin was retaining. Add wind to that. Sometimes the wind chill here makes it feel like -40 outside. Your cheeks will thank you if you buy a good, oil free (to avoid acne) moisturizer to put on before applying any makeup.

2. Use a humidifier at night. The humidity it gives off might be enough to replenish some of the skin cells lost to the freezing temperatures outside.

3. While that acne cleanser seems to be warding off those hated blemishes, while it’s this cold out, it’s really the wind that’s doing all that work for you. Instead of using it twice a day as directed, use it only once, or every other day. Acne washes strip away your face’s natural oils and can actually make your skin more oily and/or make you a new sufferer of severely dry skin.

By Casie Popkin


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