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Anything But Fish ‘N’ Chips: Holiday Feast

It’s beginning to be that time again. You know the one I’m talking about: the lights go up, the Christmas music starts, and everyone starts forgetting about school to focus on their present lists. It is easily one of my favorite parts of the year, and in London, it’s even better. Every single street you stumble across has lights strewn from building to building, and every single tree is lit up and twinkling at you. Christmas markets are open and bustling with tourists from across the world, and they offer hot mulled wine to warm you up on the frosty UK nights.

But while all of the holiday magic is enchanting and heartwarming, it’s the festive food that keeps us all giddy. That is why, and I’d like to take credit for this idea, my flat decided to hold a holiday feast. We’ve done enough take out from delicious restaurants around the London area, and we wanted to prove to ourselves that we had what it took to make our own meal. The hard part was finding good recipes; we scoured Pinterest for hours finding the perfect dishes, and finally, we came across what was surely perfect for our wintery dinner.

I decided to make a vegetable side dish, and my friend Amber chose to make our main course. I cut up asparagus and sliced potatoes, tossed them in olive oil, shook on some salt and pepper, and popped the tray in the oven for 45 minutes. Afterwards I took the pan out and sprinkled over Parmesan cheese and fresh Basil. Fact: you can never have too much cheese.

Amber took an equally tasty route by cooking brown rice, chicken, and sunflower seeds in a pan. Then she tossed in some goat cheese at the end and mixed the entire pan together. It was scrumptious! It was absolutely incredible, and we proved that we can make our own lovely London meal! I’ll definitely be bringing some of these recipes back to the US.

I can’t wait for my next meal, I’ll eat ANYTHING but fish ‘n chips!

By Lara Gould