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Anything But Fish ‘N’ Chips: Churchill Arms

It’s actually impressive that I’ve managed to go this long without raving about my favorite discovery in London: Churchill Arms. “Wait!” You exclaim, “That’s not a food!” Ah, but that’s where you’re completely right: it’s an experience. It’s an adorable little pub that my friend and I stumbled across a few months ago. Tucked back on a tiny side street off the Notting Hill Tube stop is the most charming eating establishment I have ever seen. From the outside, you can already tell that Churchill Arms is a wonderland. It is completely covered in winding vines, glowing lights, and bright, blooming flowers even in the shivering cold winter nights.

Enter into the pub, and you’re equally as impressed. The pub is dimly lit, and there’s a warm, flickering fire in the corner. Being as it’s nippy outside, grabbing a mulled wine, cider, or even a red wine (anti-oxidant rich!) is always a good choice. But it’s not just the appearance of this pub that keeps me coming back week after week; it’s their green chicken curry that has my heart. I personally have never been a huge curry lover. I don’t know why, I think it’s because I wasn’t introduced to it until recently. But let me tell you, it’s heavenly.

The curry comes out in a very simple bowl, with a serving of rice on the side so you get to choose how much you would like to mix into the flavorful broth. The curry itself is made with a coconut milk, so it’s not too heavy. But it has an unbelievable kick to it that keeps you reaching for your water multiple times during the meal. Inside the comforting hug of broth is tender chicken, peas, cabbage, roasted peppers, spinach, and a variety of other vegetables. They are all perfectly cooked and placed together for a harmonious blend of flavor in every bite. I am actually sad that my words don’t do it justice. After my first time going, I have been returning at least once a week just to pay tribute to this wonderfully happy place.

When I leave England, Churchill Arms and it’s drool-enhancing curry are one of the things I will miss the most.

I can’t wait until my next meal, I’ll eat ANYTHING but fish and chips!