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Anything But Fish ‘N’ Chips: Breakfast Sandwich Heaven

Honesty hour: the UK has better food than people admit. Yes, there are some places where the culinary delights are a little unique, but hey, even America has tried to pass off some questionable foods in the past (I don’t feel the need to list specific things, but I think we all know that Mcdonald’s meat isn’t ACTUALLY real meat).

But something that surprised me here was how delicious some of the breakfast could be. Breakfast has never really been my favorite meal of the day — if it were up to me, I’d be having lunch for every meal. But something about the options in this country have really converted me into a morning-munchies lover. And quite frankly, I think it has something to do with a restaurant called Loaf right by my flat.

Situated about a five minute walk from me, Loaf is a tiny eating establishment that offers the most unbelievable list of pressed sandwiches, salads and juices. Their cappuccino’s are to die for as well, but I try to steer away from those if it’s a day that I’m watching what I put into my mouth. While I’ve tried their chicken pesto paninis and melted tuna sandwiches, it’s their breakfast sandwich that I like to pick up twice a week before classes.

So what makes my morning treat so scrumptious? Well I’ll let you know! The breakfast sandwich contains the following: mashed avocado, salt, pepper, lemon, tomato, and smoked salmon. These are all perfectly placed—in that order—on toasted brown bread. I’m telling you, it’s the absolute most incredible way to start my day. I usually remove the top piece of bread so I can enjoy what’s hiding underneath while saving a few calories, and it tastes flawless each and every time.

I can’t wait until my next meal; I’ll eat ANYTHING but fish ‘n chips.

By Lara Gould