The Weighting Game

Everybody goes to the gym with one thing in mind — getting a lean, toned body. This is most definitely a possibility, but it takes work to get here. A lot of the exercises that people do aren’t the right ones for the goals they’re trying to reach. A very important part of getting “toned” and muscular is lifting weights.

Lifting is a great way to gain strength and muscle, and really make results visible. Sure, lifting a hundred pounds or more is impressive, but that’s not necessarily what you need to be doing. Taking it slow is a part of the weighting game — yes, it’s a play on “waiting” because it takes time for muscles and results to show.

Devoting time to weights at the gym is an essential step. Continue with your cardio, and cut out the lesser exercises. In place of these, add weights. If you’re just starting, there’s no shame in 8 or 10 lb. bar bells, otherwise you may risk injury. Add these into your ab and squat workouts. Do three or four reps of your usual routine with the weights. This will help strengthen the areas you’re targeting and bring about more visible results than before.

The key is to start small and work your way up. You have to find what’s good for you and what you’re capable of before you start going big. Find your target areas and keep working at them. If you keep at it and work your way to heavier weights, you’ll definitely be able to notice your body becoming more toned. No results will come about if you do the same things over and over with the same amount of weights, so be sure to put a lot of effort into going up a level each week, or however long it takes you to feel ready.

The most important thing is confidence and patience. Know that you’re capable of working out to your full potential, but that skill doesn’t come right away. Keep working and think positively. The weighting game is indeed full of waiting, so don’t give up hope before the finish line.

By Zoe Malliaros