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Coupons on a Date: Savvy or Stingy?

It is a known fact that college students are stingy at times. But because our frugalness stems from trying to fund an education, we have a valid excuse. However, when it comes to a first date, is it acceptable to be couponing — using coupons to save a buck or two?

An increasing number of men are using coupons and e-mail offers to cut costs according to a recent study by WSL Strategic Retail. Of a whopping 740 men surveyed, 53 percent regularly use coupons, while half of men ages 18-32 search for discounts online.

If you think about it, these numbers can be a positive trait in a man because it proves he is savvy and smart with his spending. On the other hand, it may also show that he is stingy, making the woman feel bad for having him pay.

So are coupons on a date a do or a don’t? 

Gawker lays out three possible opinions:

Yes, of course it’s okay, during these tough economic times, why not? Anyone who would judge you for that is a materialistic skank that you don’t want to be dating anyhow.

No, what? What are you fucking talking about, seriously? You’re going to pull out a bag full of coupons at our first date, at The Olive Garden? Get the fuck outta here.

Oh sure, I wouldn’t judge you for that. (JUDGES YOU.) (INSINCERE SMILE, YOU WILL NEVER GET LAID NOW.)

What do you think? Are coupons excused if you’re a (cheap) college student? Or are coupons never acceptable no matter how broke you are?

By Sarah Richheimer

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