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Hooking Up vs. Looking for Love

Some students may be under the impression that college is all about hooking-up. If you were virginal and innocent in high school, you most likely aren’t after your first month or two at SU. It’s hard to ignore the rumors and whispers about who hooked up with who at what party, and of course the awkward interactions between floormates after a night spent together. You might even walk in on your roommate with a guy one night, and walk in the next to find her with someone different. But the lesson of that story is to knock before you enter.

Other students, however, come to college with the intention of finding their “soulmate.” The odds are likely; most people tend to meet their life-long significant other through school, work, or mutual friends. But is one option better than the other while you’re at college? Well, there are advantages and disadvantages to both hooking up and searching for love.

Hooking-up might be more suitable for those with commitment issues. A lot of students have busy schedules and just don’t have the time or energy to put into a serious relationship. Some use hook-ups for experimentation and bragging rights, but most of all it’s usually just the (seemingly) unavoidable result of a drunken night out. With hook-ups, you also have the luxury of a fuller wallet; everyone knows that having a special someone – especially a girlfriend – can break your bank. However, you are more likely to get STDs and experience stress.

Serious relationships, on the other hand, are for students who are, well, more serious. They still like to have fun, but they may have their priorities lined up more concisely. Having a steady boyfriend/girlfriend is comforting and provides a constant source of social support. Not to mention you don’t have to search for a cuddle-buddy every weekend – you already have one guaranteed. Sometimes though, this type of relationship can get too serious and you might feel held down. As you enter your twenties, conversations about marriage might start cropping up – and for some, that can be overwhelming.

With that said, everyone’s different and everyone’s college experience is different. This time of your life is all about discovering yourself, so you’ll eventually figure out which option is best for you – and who is best for you –even if it takes a couple of wrong tries. Some students might prefer to maintain their innocence and focus on their schoolwork, some might prefer long-term exclusivity, and others are just looking for a night of fun. You can even have the best of both worlds: hook-up during your first few years of college and start a relationship when you’re more mature. Either way, don’t let your peers or the media influence your behavior in college – just do what’s best for you.

By Caleigh Gran