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Cleanliness is the Name of the Game

Source: www.citygym.net
Source: http://www.citygym.net

Top-of-the-line equipment at the gym can be a real attraction for students ready to get in a good workout. Many are complete with televisions and simulated videos that go along with the exercises. That being said, no one will want to use them if they don’t appear to be clean. You may think that the biggest consequence of dirty equipment would be dissatisfied students, but it goes beyond just that.

The spread of germs and viruses through contact with equipment is a serious health concern, especially this time of year when people are more prone to getting sick because of the cold weather. The gyms on campus rely on students/professors to wipe down their machines when they’re finished working out, either with spray or antibacterial wipes. Each option is guaranteed to kill germs, the only risk is that the user may or may not take this step.

There isn’t any reason not to sanitize your machine post-workout. Just think: would you want to use equipment covered in somebody else’s sweat? No, you wouldn’t. Take the extra 30 seconds to grab a spray bottle next to whatever you’re using and wipe it down. And to ensure that your machine is clean before you start using it, clean it before you start too. These two ways of sanitizing will help prevent the spread of germs and you’ll be less likely to get sick over the winter.

It’s up to the exerciser to do his or her part in keeping the gym as healthy a place as possible. You’ll help prevent yourself and others against getting sick and spreading germs. Enjoy your workout to the fullest potential! Start off your winter on a healthy note, and sanitize to reduce the spread of germs at Syracuse’s fitness centers.

By Zoe Malliaros