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How to Feel Fuller Longer

We all have at least one day a week where it feels as though there is no break in our day for hours. When you finally sit down and have a meal, you probably go for some not-so-mindful foods like that extra slice of pizza or a few too many chocolate chip cookies. The high volumes of simple sugars found in these foods will make you become hungrier faster for your next meal and over time could contribute to weight gain.
Because of their high-fiber content, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts should become your favorite new snacks for before that long stretch of classes. Fiber tends to make a meal feel larger and linger longer, so you will stay full for a longer amount of time. Fiber is not digested by the body, but passes relatively whole through your stomach, small intestine, colon and out of the body. High-fiber foods must be consumed with a substantial amount of water to allow for the fiber to pass smoothly along the digestive tract and be secreted out of the body. Women are recommended about 25g per day and men are recommended 35g per day of fiber. Overall, fiber helps you feel fuller longer, allowing you to help maintain a healthy weight, without the risk of an unhealthy splurge on your longest school days.
There is a plethora of foods that are rich in fiber, so your meal or snack will never feel dull or repetitive. You do not have to sacrifice taste or texture to maintain satiety. The next time you know you have hours of classes ahead and no time in between to eat, try to incorporate these high-fiber foods into your meal or snack beforehand.
Per cup
-Raspberries: 8g
-Blackberries: 7.6g
-Strawberries: 3.3g
Per 1 fruit
-Apple: 4.4g
-Pear: 5.1g
-Mango: 3.3g
Per cup
-Artichokes: 10.3g
-Squash, cooked: 5.7g
-Broccoli, cooked: 5.5g
-Brussel Sprouts, cooked: 6.4g
-Spinach: 5.1g
-Carrots, cooked: 4.8g
-Sweet Corn, cooked: 4.2g
-Peas, cooked: 8.8g
Whole Grains:
Per cup
-Shredded wheat cereal: 5.7g
-Quinoa, cooked: 5g
-Oatmeal, cooked: 5g
Per 1/2 cup
-Whole Wheat Spaghetti: 6.3g
-Low-fat Granola-5g
Per 2 slices
-Whole Wheat Bread: 5.2g
-Rye Bread: 5.6g
Per 1/2 cup
-Pinto Beans, cooked: 7.7g
-Kidney Beans: 6.5g
-Baked Beans, canned: 5.2g
-Lentils, cooked: 7.8g
-Black Beans, cooked: 7.5g
-Lima Beans, cooked: 6.6g
-Split Peas, cooked: 8.2g
-Almonds: 3.5g (24 nuts)
-Pistachios: 3g (7 nuts)
-Peanuts: 4.6g (56 nuts)
-Walnuts: 4g (30 halves)
-Pecans: 5.4g (40 halves)
By Marisa Malanga