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Pre-Workouts – Are They Really Doing What You Think They Are?

A pre-workout is a supplement taken on its own or added to a drink that gives the person in question an energy boost. Personally, I was taking one for my early morning workouts to make them more effective, or so I thought.

What exactly is in a pre-workout? According to “The Corpus Compendium”, a fitness blog, a whole lot of nothing. Essentially, pre-workouts promise you a boost in your workout, which is basically the entire reason one would subject themselves to the cost of the supplement, but really it’s just a mixture of caffeine and other chemicals that don’t really have any proven beneficial factors that a cup of coffee couldn’t also give you.

What can you do instead? Once I stopped taking my pre-workout pill before my morning cardio sessions, the cardio of course seemed a little harder, but I also burned more calories than I did before. The pill I was taking somehow had a way of stopping weight loss while increasing my energy. However, not all pre-workouts are like that. In the long run, it’s recommended that you work out with no supplements at all and have a protein shake or a high in protein meal after your workout. This way, your body absorbs the protein to repair muscle tissue and doesn’t turn whatever sugar you’re having into fat, it burns it off instead. Be careful though! This cycle is only for a short amount of time! Try to eat in less than and up to an hour after your workout.


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