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Yoga Exercises for Better Sleep

Having trouble getting to sleep at night? This simple and relaxing yoga sequences can help you achieve a more restful sleep. The best part? All of these moves can be done in bed.

Upside Down Hamstring Stretch

Lie on your back with your legs against a wall or headboard. You’re butt should be about six inches from the wall. If this is too intense slide your butt farther away from the wall, move closer if you can’t feel it. Let your arms rest by your sides, palms facing up, and breathe gently, feeling the stretch in the backs of your legs. Releasing the tension in your hamstring can help relax the body.

Bend Knee Lying Down Twist

While lying on your back, bend your knee back into your chest and twist your leg across your body. Turn your head in the opposite direction and bring your arms out to a T-shape. Hold it there feeling the twist and release of your spine, after a few breaths repeat on the other side.

Legs Extended Forward Bend Round Back

Sit up with your legs flat out in front of you. Round your back gently over your legs. Breathe in this position, and with each breathe bend a little more forward, feeling the stretch along your entire spine.

Child’s Pose

Sit up comfortably on your heels. Roll your torso forward, bringing your forehead to rest on the bed in front of you, lowering your chest to your knees. Extend your arms out straight in front of you and breathe.

Short Meditation

Sit up with your legs crossed and your palms placed lightly on your knees. Close your eyes and focus on inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Repeat for a couple of minutes.

Knee Hug

Lie on your back and hug both knees into your chest and rock slowly side to side, releasing the stress in your lower back.


Lie flat on your back with your legs in front of you and your arms by your side, palms facing up. Focus on nothing but your breath.

Your body should be totally relaxed by this point; if you’re lucky you may fall asleep during savasana. Namaste.

By Nora Patwell