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Not So Amore: Why Pasta May Be Depressing You

A new study has found that your consumption of pasta may just lead to a greater chance of depression. Uh oh. Though a great big bowl of pasta may be satisfying initially, it might just lead to less satisfaction later.

A 12-year study was recently conducted that measured women’s levels of depression based on the amount of pasta and other carbohydrates they consumed. The women all entered the study with no depression whatsoever. Those who ate chips, red meat, breads, and pastas, foods that are well known for having a high rate of carbohydrates in them, were at a 41 percent higher rate of developing depression, and having inflammation, which is the body’s response to infection or wounding. That’s scary, huh?

Researchers say that though there are foods that will bring down your mood, there are also foods that will bring it up! Try foods like coffee, olive oil, wine, fish, and particular vegetables to help counter the carbs effects on you.

Another similar study was conducted that tested an anti-inflammatory drug on participants who had untreatable levels of depression. The medication was able to block the key molecule in inflammation that may also induce feelings of depression.

Some believe that when the body suffers from inflammation for prolonged periods of time, it can damage the body, the brain included, possibly leading to those depressive effects.  So mind your carbs and stay less depressed!

By Aisling Williams