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Why Music Blurs the Strength of Alcohol

A recent study shows that women are more likely to drink alcohol faster when listening to music. Can you believe that?

Apparently, music distracts women from the strength of alcohol, causing them not only to drink faster, but also higher amounts. Uh oh.

Three studies were conducted, one involving taste, one involving volume, and one involving speed. The study took a group of men and women ranging from age 18 to age 28, and had them consume alcohol every day for a series of weeks. Each participant would take a sip of each different type of alcohol and then take a test measuring their attitudes and then reporting the taste of the alcohol.

For the volume study, the participants were tested on how much they drank, while listening to stimulating music, one on low volume and one on high volume. Those listening at a high volume reported the drinks in the taste test being much less strong.

For the speed study, the participants listened to slow speed music, moderate speed music, and fast speed music while drinking, and those who tasted alcohol during fast speed music drank quicker than those without.

So, these studies show us to be wary of where and what we are listening to when we drink!

By Aisling Williams