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Frizz-Proof Hairstyles

Part of the reason I came to Syracuse – I’m not ashamed to admit – is because of my hair. See, I have the kind of hair that only looks decent in certain weather…Usually cold weather where the sun is shining super bright and there’s a slight breeze, with absolutely no humidity, but, I’m not picky. Anyway, when I got here, I realized that my initial judgment was totally off. I’ve never been in a rainier place. From a girl who knows, here are some frizz-proof hairstyles that have definitely helped me conquer Mother Nature while still looking as cute as I can.

1. The classic ponytail. There’s a reason it’s a classic. It looks good on everyone and it’s super easy. To put a spin on this old look, grab a slim piece of hair from underneath your ponytail and wrap it around your rubber band until you get to the end of the piece. Secure it with a bobby pin and the rubber band should be invisible.

2. A loose side braid. Putting your hair to the side and braiding your hair simply will not only fend off the frizz, but it’ll look cute in that effortless-Selena-Gomez-way. To make the braid loose, just tug where the head meets the beginning of the braid lightly and keep going until it’s at your liking.

3. The California hipster top-knot. To knot your hair in easy California styling, pull your hair up and wrap it until it coils down to your head. Wind a rubber band around it and you should have an easy style for those unfortunate rainy days.


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