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Should Men Still Pay?

Back in the day, it was not only normal normal but expected for a guy to pick up the tab on a date. But as times have changed, studies have tried to answer the question –should a guy always pay for their girl on a first date and all the way down the road?

According to a recent study by Chapman University, 44% of the 17,000 women questioned said they don’t expect to help with the check at all. They said they’d be annoyed if their date expected them to pitch in on a date. Thirty-nine percent said when they offer to pay as an act of politeness, they are hoping for a denial.

So basically, us women want equality in the workforce, but when it comes to dating it’s all up to the guy to dish out the cash. Is this a fair mentality?

I feel that if we want to be equal, we must prove it and take advantage in all ways. A guy should most definitely step up on the first date, but as the relationship develops, I don’t see it a problem for the girl to offer to help out.“I actually find a girl even more attractive if she offers to pay on a date,”says a male friend of mine when asked his take on the situation.

The study completed by Chapman University also supports that 84 percent of men claim they still cover most dating expenses. However, 64 percent said they believe a woman should chip in after the first few dates.

The verdict? If you really like a guy – and if you see a potential future with him – split the bill after the first few dates, you’ll impress him and show that you care. After all, you enjoyed half of the meal, too!

By: Sarah Richheimer