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Common Body Language Mistakes

As we all know, body language is a huge part of how we interpret people. So when it comes to your crush with whom it’s sometimes difficult to even come up with words to say, it’s easy to send off the wrong vibe without meaning to. Are you sending your crush a wrong signal just from how you are standing? A change in your arm placement could give them a change in their feelings on how to act.

When talking to your crush, it is very easy to become insecure. One of the major things we do when we become insecure is immediately close up. Many of us do not even realize we are doing this with our bodies. We cross are arms and round our shoulders. We keep ourselves in while keeping others out. To your crush, this may not come off as insecurity, but as you not wanting to talk to them. By shutting yourself in you are pushing them away.

In busy settings like parties or bars, our eyes tend to wander. This isn’t always on purpose or because the conversation we are having is boring, it is just because there is so much happening around us. Our eyes shift to where the music is coming from or where the loud conversations are happening around us. If this is happening while you are talking to your crush, you are not giving off the best vibe. Even though it isn’t that they are boring you, that is how it will come off. Give it your best effort to tone out what is going on around you and keep up the eye contact. It will make your crush feel like all your attention is truly on them.

Many people today take a smile for granted. A smile makes you feel more comfortable whether you know it or not. By giving a smile to your crush they will get a confidence boost, which in turn will make you even more confident. So give your crush a smile across the room and see what happens, I guarantee there is a good chance they walk over to you or near you and try to strike up a conversation.

Even though your crush may make your brain jumble up, if you focus on a few key factors with your body, you can show them how you really feel about them. Use your body to prove to them you care that they are talking to you even if your words are struggling to come out. With a few simple changes to how you stand and hold yourself, you can seem like a totally confident person.

By Samantha Breault