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Food Instagrams May Not Be Such A Good Idea

Do you constantly feel like you must take a picture of your food and upload it to Instagram right before you eat it? Well, studies have shown that maybe you shouldn’t, even if that pizza looks great in X-Pro.

A recent study proves that looking at pictures of food before you eat can actually make the food less appetizing. The study divided people in to two groups — a group who looked at salty foods, and a group who looked at sweet foods. The groups were asked to rate how appetizing the food looked, and then were given salty peanuts after. Those who looked at pictures of sweet foods found the peanuts to be much more enjoyable than those who looked at salty foods. Interesting, right?

Researchers believe it is because you think about the taste when you look at the photo, causing you to be tired of the food before you even eat it.

So, if you’re trying to keep away from chocolate or those potato chips, this could be a good trick. But, the researchers warn that one photo won’t be enough. You should look at multiple pictures in order to lose your appetite.

From now on, maybe Instagram your food a bit less, and those beautiful fall leaves a bit more.

By Aisling Williams