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Sneaky Reasons You’re Getting Acne

Typically, people take care of their skin pretty vigorously. With the exception of the occasional night where taking off your make up is too complicated or you fall asleep before washing up, it’s plain to see that most people want to put their best face forward. However, little breakouts can get the better of you without your knowledge. Here are some sneaky ways that blemishes can fight their way to the surface.

1. Your diet: Unfortunately, your diet is a factor in the condition of your skin. If you find that no matter what products or remedies you try, nothing works, maybe it’s the food you’re eating. Avoid foods high in carbohydrates (maybe your skin is the one on the diet, but your body will thank you as well) and foods that contain a lot of dairy.

2. Your make up: Ironically, women tend to cover their skin in oily products to cover their imperfections and these cosmetics might just be the reason your skin isn’t getting any better. Next time you need to buy concealer or foundation, ask a specialist to lead you toward one that is oil free, or even contains salicylic acid to help fight the infection while also concealing it.

3. Your cell phone: Think about how many times a day you use your phone and how often your fingers are all over it.The bacteria from your phone gets on your face every time you take or make a phone call. You should be disinfecting and cleaning your phone at least once a week to help keep it germ free and your face break out free.


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